FUJIFILM X-T2 Film Simulation

- New film trend: shering a LOOK on set -

“Goddess – night & day”

DIRECTOR: Taichi NOMOTO (energy Inc.)


XF16mmF1.4 R WR
XF35mmF1.4 R
XF56mmF1.2 R APD
XF90mmF2 R LM WR
XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS

“Goddess – night”


“Goddess – day”

“Goddess – night & day”

X-100T is the first FUJIFILM camera for me, and I bought it in 2015. Before that, I’d been looking for a good still camera, which would be a portable, and brought with me all the time because mostly I couldn’t have a chance to take a photo even in a foreign country whenever a job was about videos.

When a job was in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, I took photos by using “Classic Chrome” which is one of the film simulations modes of X-T100. I checked them after going back to Japan, and was surprised how powerful the description was. The quality of the photos was no problem even in a JPEG. And I realized that if the quality was the same in video, it could be a movie.

Next week, I bought X-Pro2, 16mm, and 90mm lenses, and decided to go to Hawaii because I wanted to shoot the South Island by using “Classic Chrome,” and also tried to use “ACROS” monochrome. As a still shoot- ing, I set film simulation bracketing, and used all three modes; Velvia, ACROS, and Classic Chrome. I shot esch mode under the same condition.

It’s actually the first time to shoot the video by the FUJIFILM camera for me, and I found myself enjoying the shooting. It’s nice that I can keep looking at a finder during a shooting thanks to the mirror-less.

Film Simulation x 4K video




For this time, I got an opportunity to shoot by using X-T2. The theme was about “presenting a two faces of woman through video,” so I chose “ACROS” for daytime, and “Velvia” for nighttime. Not directing too much in order to just try to see how the looks themselves present, I shot with various lenses as well as taking photos.
I used a G filter for “ACROS”, and felt that details of shadows were still seen. About “Velvia”, it stood out in the night factory to make the look sensual.
At the moments of the still shooting, I used “PRO Neg.Std” for the first time. It captured a certain texture of the woman’s soft skin, and I’ve never seen this look in other cameras.

Sharing a LOOK with a director


Nowadays, various cameras with Log systems are produced, and some filmmakers may think it’s OK to shoot just with Log since we can fix a look later. However, in my personal opinion, I believe how we can make the look the best on set. So, in that meaning, film simulation of the FUIJIFILM cameras has a possibility to be a new trend of a shooting style.
For this project, I, a cameraman, made the original idea, and based on pictures, which were taken by each mode, I shared the looks of them with my director before the shooting. This process of “sharing a look” is very important, and I trust X-T2 is the one that makes it happen. I will try to shoot a documentary next time by using “Classic Chrome.”

Choose a LOOK by a usage or purpose like choosing a FILM

I may not be only one who gets excited at X-T2 like the time when people have started using a SLR to shoot a video. I think this new style would be a new film trend.

Operation Performance

Here is an ISO dial and a switch of a shooting mode at left side unlike X-Pro2, so it made me confused in the beginning; nevertheless, it’s easy to operate when you want to use both still and video, and once you get used to it, its operation performance may be better than X-Pro2.

Best lens

XF16mmF1.4 R WR:My favorite wide lens. Because the shortest length is 15cm, you can use it as a macro.
XF56mmF1.2 R APD:The most attractive lens for users. It makes a soft and beautiful bokeh. I used it for this project.
XF90mmF2 R LM WR::Fast auto-focused. It’s the lens for portrait, but can be used as a macro.