ARRI CR 2018 - ALEXA LF - SP 75 - white - left
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ALEXA LF, a full-frame sensor 4K camera, is finally released by ARRI. It features a 36.70 x 25.54mm sensor, which is a bit larger than 35mm full-frame, with a resolution of 4448 x 3096 (4.5K LF sensor). Also, it has three sensor areas such as a full-frame called LF OPEN GATE (recording up to 90fps), LF16:9 (31.68 × 17.82mm, 3840 × 2160 = UHD, 90fps) and LF2.39:1 (36.70 × 15.31mm, 4448 ×1856 = CinemaScope, 150fps). It can record with ARRI RAW onto SXR Capture Drive, or with ProRes onto both SXR Capture Drive and SxS PRO+.
“ENLARGE YOUR VISION,” a copy of ALEXA LF, has a special meaning. “VISION” indicates both what you physically see and what you see in your mind such as future or ideal. So the ALEXA LF will “ENLARGE” those two by its large sensor/large image circle. A yellow square bracket, the ARRI’s symbolic mark, implies a larger sensor, and a yellow circle implies a larger image circle.
The peripheral equipment and accessories that are already released can be used to the ALEXA LF. Interface such as control panel and wireless transmitter has the same operating system. Shipping will start in this spring.
ARRI CR 2018 - ALEXA LF - SP 75 - white - right
ARRI CR 2018 - ALEXA LF - SP 75 - white - right back
ARRI announced the PLP lens mount for a large format sensor. With the PLP lens mount, ARRI also announced newly a SIGNATURE PRIME LENS series that are totally 16 lenses (from 12mm to 280mm). 14 lenses in total are T1.8 (200mm T2.5, 280mm T2.8). The lens itself is rigid and light used by magnesium, and “Made in Japan” written in the surface of the lens means literally the lenses are made in Japan. In order to use the PL mount lens, PL-to-LPL adaptor is also released along with the ALEXA LF. In this June 35, 47, 75, 125mm T1.8 will be shipped, and by 2019 summer, all will be lined up.
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