Light & Magic

- #2 Go Shine, Chlorophyll -

When I was walking on the street at night, I found something wired.
As I looked up, a street light changed from a fluorescent tube to LED.
Greenish wavelength now became monotonously whitish,
and the big range gap of light made high contrast.
Even though it was the usual street light, it was dramatically directed
as if it was a spot light.

I am forced to remember that color is just electromagnetic waves when looking into a viewfinder.
Energy of the light itself is everything.

The light given off the sun crushes into the atmosphere, scatters and falls down to the ground.
It goes through palisade parenchyma in the leaf surface.
And then, chlorophyll plays a big role for photosynthesis.
During the process, green wavelength without absorption becomes intrinsic color and starts shining.
The reason why a sprout shines like a pale yellow or red is that it is not enough to be grown to happen the process.

Later, the light through the leaf goes to the image pickup element via a lens,
and finally the image is shown up by sunlight of the screen outside.
Having the small and absorbed energy,
The sprout shines lively, and it fascinates me always.

Takahiro TSUSHIMA〈 Artist 〉

Camera: Canon EOS 5Ds R
Lens: Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4 ZE
ISO 100
Shutter Speed: 1/5000
Aperture: f1.4
Location: Mt. Mizugaki, Japan