The Lenses for the Large Format Lead the Next Generation of Digital Cinema

Leica Thalia

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Leica Thalia focuses on the artistic expression that can emphasize the beauty of the character of the work. A Leica look , which is warm but not too sharp. A total of a lenses is used for cameras up to ALEXA 65 with large format sensor.

Interview with Seth EMMONS(NABSHOW 2017)

ARRI Signature Prime

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Announced simultaneously with the release of large format camera ALEXA LF. By using a new lens mount called LPL it is possible to snoot with the large format. A total of 16 lenses is made in Japan.
Along with the announcement of Signature Prime, Thorsten MAYWALD, product manager of the lens from ARRI headquarters in Munich, came to Japan.
Thorsten MAYWALD, Product Manager of the lens from ARRI headquarters in Munich

About the difference with film lens

“Master prime was basically designed as a lens for a film camera.The film always keeps on moving and has a characteristic of random grain and noise. Plus, because of being copied 4 or 5 times, an original film has to enhance contrast. But when it’s used in digital, skin tone would be too sharp. So it shows skin problems and slight wrinkles.
Signature Prime is a lens designed for digital cinema cameras to create a soft skin tone with not too sharp under the concept of making the old film look with digital sensor.
Another important thing is bokeh. We designed to create bokeh beautifully between foreground/background and the focus point; so that, it makes the subject emphasized. We aim for the feeling of soft bokeh when focusing out. Such beautiful bokeh has the effect of guiding the viewer’s eyes to the subject as storytelling. It’s not that only 50mm, which is commonly used has the philosophy, but that all 16 lenses from 12mm to 280mm of Signature Prime has the same philosophy. This is because we expect 8K would be main and even higher resolution era would come after Olympic Games Tokyo.”