ARRI The Next 100 Years-04

- Interview: Paul Ivan (ARRI ASIA) / Carlos CHU (ARRI Japan) -

Managing Director of ARRI ASIA


– What are ARRI’s goals in this expanding Asian market?

Paul: ARRI’s growth in Asia is stronger than the GDP’s rate of growth. That was a strong hint for us that we are doing things right. We started in Sydney in 2005, and expanded to Hong Kong in 2008 and Beijing in 2011, and we have had success in those cities. Our shares are growing on an annual basis in the East Asia-Pacific region. I might be repeating myself, but this is the key to our future – in other words, ‘expansion in Asia’ is where things are. What we’ve built up to now, the things we’ve achieved, are of course a source of confidence for us, but we won’t be resting on our laurels. We will continue to serve our users and our customers, and we will also continue to make further investments.

– It seems you are planning to open offices in Japan and Korea. What are your future plans in these two countries?

Paul: New offices in Japan and Korea are our next major investments. Maybe Singapore as well. The three places I mentioned previously (Hong Kong, Sydney, Beijing) are very important in terms of our expansion, and now is the time to put our efforts into localization. Then we can take a direct approach in Japan and Korea. We will select our employees from these countries and regions. Then we can approach the market in that country’s native language from the inside and outside. And this way we can also learn how the company is being evaluated.

Carlos CHU
Senior Manager of ARRI Japan


– What are your goals in starting up ARRI Japan?

Carlos: Establishing an ARRI office in Japan is extremely important for us. Japan is a country that places a premium on service. Because people in Japan highly value customer service, this is also our goal. We already have excellent service and sales partners – but we wish to improve even further. Speaking more concretely (regarding ARRI Japan), we can service the equipment with a shorter turnaround time. In other words, we will not need to send the equipment outside Japan; we can offer services in Japan. We will have highly trained engineers in our offices and can provide customer support there. In terms of sales and marketing, we can relay ARRI’s philosophy and message directly to the market, and put more effort into education as well. For example, we can forge relationships with film schools and universities as well as other academies and institutes. That goes as well for Korea.

– Do you have something you’d like to say to the ARRI users in Japan?

Carlos: Thank you so much for using our film and digital cameras. Compared with other countries, film cameras are still popular in Japan. Of course it goes without saying that I recommend our film cameras, but in this digital age I can also highly recommend ARRI’s digital cameras, which have an incredible range. If you have any questions about our products and services, you will be able to contact us through our subsidiary in Japan. We hope you will continue to support us. Thank you for choosing ARRI.