One Point of View #2

- Be instinctive for color grading! -


Blackmagic Design released “DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel” and “DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel,” which are the control surfaces (control panels) only for DaVinci Resolve. They are very reasonable, and would make the color grading’s world broadened widely and rapidly. Hence, an age of new literacy about color of images would be coming. By using the track balls and rings on the front, you can control multidirectionally hues and luminance with low, middle and high keys at the same time. That’s the biggest advantage. To be honest, in the past, the users had to click one by one with the mouse, so it seemed to be a long way to improve especially for the beginners. That’s why; I have to say “Contrast is the First.”

One says humans are the most sensitive about the gap of luminance. When the levels of luminance between shots are different, your focus on the images is suddenly cut out, and you may think “what?” When you adjust the colors, basically you should make the highest contrast at first by darkening the shadows and brightening the highlights as much as you can. In general, shots that the contrast isn’t properly adjusted don’t have saturation, and they are called “flat images,” as we say. What to decide the contrast is a fundamental aim to stand out the main subject with darkening the unneeded parts. Of course, you can give the adequate exposure to the subject with brightened areas as background.

“By adjusting the contrast, it happens as below.
–To change the color density
–To enhance the stereoscopic effect”

If you make it high contrast, the color reproducibility is better. Also, if the subject is rounded, its stereoscopic effect is enhanced more since the contrast of its surface stands out and emphasizes the gradation. In fact, when you change the contrast, saturation also changes. If you change the contrast while adjusting the color, the adjustment that you do so far would be changing. Thus, you need to adjust the color at the beginning.

“Contrast is the First. Please remember it.”

After deciding the base contrast, you can adjust details of color grading.

*In addition just to be sure, in DaVinci Resolve, there is a parameter only to adjust luminance without affecting the color information. It’s convenient.


Well, people, who have done color grading before, may darken with low key, brighten the parts affected by the low key with middle key, and brighten also with high key. By a mouse, they all did these operations by clicking a wheel on the screen. Here, a negative effect occurs by that clicking. You can see too darkened or too brightened images by mouse operating.
Though you want to make the images closer to your ideal ones, you have to see these enormous images while deciding the next. In the way of balancing between the actual and ideal images relying on your memory, you need some experiences.

Therefore, by using the control surfaces that are released this time, you can control among the three operations at the same time. Plus, by adjusting them simultaneously, you never miss the images that you want, and the operating efficiency rises up decisively. The new panels have the same richly and high-class track balls as Advanced Panel’s that don’t make you worried about mistakes by touching, especially when you do delicate operating. They are highly recommended.

Furthermore, I’ll give you one more tip of comprehensive skills to be improved. You should shoot a motif with normal, and use it for practice of grading. Depending on the contrast and lighting at shooting, you should shoot a motif with normal, and use it for practice of grading. Depending on the contrast and lighting at shooting, you should see and realize how much they change at grading. While repeating the process, you would hit “that’ it!” So, you should cultivate the ability of imagination where the distribution of light you shoot would be on a video signal, and how they look like. Then, let’s link your artistic character (uniqueness) to it. See many great movies in the best environment to be able to reproduce the filmmakers’ aim, and put the experiences into you. It takes time, but one day, your uniqueness value may rise up from the bottom of the spring of your sensibility with accumulating numerous memories, and may bloom like a lotus flower.

It’s OK to have fun when you want to do; however, please try to take my advice when you want to ‘learn.’