X CINEMA starts!

- New Launch of Fujifilm X-H1 -



In July 7th 2016, Fujifilm’s mirrorless digital camera, the X series top model “X-T2” was announced. It is installed “X-Trans CMOS III” sensor (24.3 million pixels, low pass filterless), which is 1.5 times more pixels than “X-T1” and high-speed image processing engine “X-Processor Pro”. By adopting this new device and improving signal processing technology, they succeeded in reducing noise and it became possible to use ISO 12800 as normal sensitivity. In addition to the high-precision AF, X-T2 was born as a camera with the company’s highest specifications in functional terms such as a rebooting time of 0.3 seconds, a shutter time lag of 0.045 seconds, and a shooting interval of 0.17 seconds. It established its position as a most innovated mirrorless camera and attracted much attention. What is even more interesting is the reaction of the market, “Fujifilm has finally announced a camera with genuine movie function!”.
X-T2 is the first in the X series, equipped with 4K movie shooting function. The high quality image attracts both many still and movie shooters. Movie shooting using the “film simulation” function, which achieves the film look that Fujifilm has cultivated since the film era, is very attractive and has become a symbol in a market where the mirrorless camera changed to a main camera after 2017, which stimulated the users’ consciousness.
A year and half passed and on February 15th 2018, a new product “X-H1” was born with the function to inherit the “X-T2” gene and better movie function. The film simulation feature is a big appeal of the X series and now “X-H1” has the biggest feature being installed a new film simulation “ETERNA.” ETERNA was announced in 2000s and globally used as a film negative for motion pictures. As we know, ETERNA is a film for professional motion pictures, so consumers hardly shot with it but have seen the color tone and look in many famous films. However Fujifilm announced the end of production of film for motion pictures in 2012. And then Fujifilm has just stayed at the development and production of “ETERNA-RDS” for archival film.
Now ETERNA is installed on the “X-H1” and revived as a digital camera look! Shooting a digital movie with ETERNA look that is easily accessed on X-H1 will definitely attract numbers of filmmakers. Also Fujifilm maximized the potential of its technology in the camera for more rigid body construction and In-Body Image Stabilization. It responds to the market demand in terms of hardware as well.
Compared to other Japanese camera brands, Fujifilm as an old film manufacturer has a chemical company background and has created the look for photography and motion pictures since the film era. What story could X-H1 deliver in movie making? Let’s take a peek into a new world from the perspective of professional video production!

Official Website of Fujifilm’s X-H1: Click here