Sumire Prime Lens

The new LUMIX line of 35mm full-frame mirrorless DSLR cameras. It’s the world’s first 4K/60P recording in full-frame mirroress DSLR camera with high-speed reading by S1R of 47.3MP CMOS sensor with no low-pass filter and S1 of 24.2MP CMOS sensor. 4K/60P is possible on almost full-width of sensor on the S1R, and on APS-C size of sensor on S1. High-speed recording can be in 60P for 4K, and in 180P for FHD. In FHD, you can keep recording without any limitation for more than 30mins. Also, it applies to HLG, so HDR shooting is possible. S1 equips with 4K/60P, 4:2:2, 10bit, HDMI output, 4K/30P in camera recording, and V-Log.

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VENICE ver.4.0

VENICE updates to firmware version 4.0.
It adds optional HFR (High Frame Rate) for shooting at up to 4K 2.39:1 Max., 120FPS, 4K 17:9 Max., 110FPS, 4K 4:3 Max., 75FPS, 6K 3:2 Max., 60FPS. It brings support for remote-control unit RM/RCP (including paint control), Cookie/i3, Zeiss Extended metadata (X-OCN/RAW), LINE+MASK in frame line menu, and pure P HD-SDI output (25P/29P).

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SHOGUN 7 is a 7″ monitor with recording up to 5.7K ProRes RAW. It captures up to 4K/120P, and 2K/240P. In DNxHD format, it captures up to 4K/60P, 10bit 4:2:2, and 2K/240P. 4 SDI inputs support on any camera, or via Quad Link, Dual Link, or Single Link. HDMI I/O is also equipped. Teamed up with Dolby, SHOGUN 7 creates Dolby Vision HDR. The display is 1500nit like Shogun Inferno but yields a 1,000,000:1 screen contrast ratio by a 360 zone backlight of LED.
SHINOBI is a small monitor, featuring 5.2″ FHD/60P, 4K/30P, 10bit, and the Atomos’ first 1000 nit high brightness screen with HDR capability. This small and light monitor’s weight is just 196g, and it simply has HDMI1.4 import, SD card slot, headphone and remote jacks.

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Premista 28-100mm T2.9
80-250mm T2.9-T3.5

Premista is the new lineup of zoom lenses designed for large format sensor. The standard zoom lens “FUJINON Premista28-100mmT2.9,” covering focal lengths from 28-100mm, will be released on August 2019. The telephoto zoom lens ” FUJINON Premista80-250mmT2.9-T3.5,” covering focal lengths from 80-250mm, will be released on in 2019. Thanks to shallow depth-of-filed that large format sensor creates and a 13-blade iris, pleasing bokeh will be produced. It equips with large-diameter aspherical lens and new focus/zoom system. The focus ring has wide 280 degrees of rotation. It also yields toughness and lightweight like 3.8kg.

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ALEXA Mini LF is a large format module camera, a little brother of ALEXA LF that was released last year. With the 4.5K sensor like the ALEXA LF and LPL mount, it features 3 internal FSND filters, 12V power input, and extra power output connectors. As the almost same size of ALEXA Mini, the carbon body, which has antiwear performance stands a range of -20℃~+45℃. It’s compatible to almost all accessories of ALEXA Mini’s. Plus, WiFi antenna, microphone, and functions around power were redesigned.
The remarkable thing is to equip with the new small, lightweight and tough recording media, Codex Compact Drive 1 TB. It allows internal recording of MXF/ARRIRAW or MXF/Apple ProRes in a variety of formats and aspect ratios, and a USB-C Compact Drive Reader can be used without any extra software or licenses on Mac/Windows computers. Another development from Codex makes large-format shooting more practical. Codex High Density Encoding (HDE) reduces ARRIRAW file sizes by around 40% during downloading or later in the workflow. HDE is free-of-charge for use with Codex Capture Drive or Compact Drive, openly shared and fast. ARRIRAW Open Gate 4.5K can be encoded at 24fps on a modern MacBook Pro.
The new MVF-2 viewfinder is the same high-contrast HD OLED display, color science, and ARRICAM eyepiece as in ALEXA LF’s EVF-2 viewfinder. It features a 4″ flip-out monitor that can display the live image or the camera control menu, providing maximum flexibility for different camera configurations, and can be used on either side of the camera. Via CoaXPress VF cable, it yields a reach of up to 10m for remote camera operations. It equips with a refined user interface, a built-in eyepiece lens heater for de-fogging, and built-in headphones connector.

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