What is a topic of Trial Rental?

- New system to install new equipment in keeping with the times -

Every year, new technology and equipment using that technology come out in the movie industry. Nowadays, even new products are only really used for 2 or 3 years, so it’s hard for users to know when to buy something. However, an epoch-making system combining purchasing and renting provides a solution. It is “Trial Rental” offered by RAID.
By renting specified equipment for a certain period before purchasing it, individual cameramen or production companies can buy the equipment at a discounted price, which is the same as the points earned during the rental period. You can save a maximum of 50% = half the selling price by using the point discount. There are 2 big merits!

First, you can get trial points even if you rent the equipment for your company’s project, so the points become your own points, regardless of whether the individual or the company rented it. Second, you can buy the equipment you were using during the rental period – and would now be familiar with – at a maximum of half price down.
In addition, as the special price, the “Trial Price” is set in the rental, meaning you can rent it for about half the price of the usual rental fee. That’s amazing. Plus, the point refund is 100%, so if you rent it for 30,000 JPY, you get 30,000 points. This system covers only RED’s 4 camera brains now, but RAID’s Small HD and BOLT will also be covered starting May 2019. (Their point system will be different from RED’s)

Now, during transitional times of major technological innovations, by using the Trial Rental system effectively, it will provide a better environment for the creators who are struggling with the latest technology and workflow. Meanwhile, for makers and sales companies, the system itself will possibly generate competitive power.