Towards a new creative world

INFRARED (shot with EVA1)
IR movie shooting will give rise to new possibilities in digital cinema. From now on, it will become a shooting option that creators will want to explore.

However IR movies are different from regular shoots in that it is difficult to grasp how invisible light will appear on screen. It depends on the subject and your surroundings, so there is no way of predicting what the final image will look like. It is hard to get the exact images you were envisioning going into a shoot.

In this IR Cinematography issue of HOTSHOT, we introduce visual artist Yuji NUKUI’s latest work, “palette”, on which he uses the Panasonic AU-EVA1 with the IR Cut filter off. He discusses his visual production process during which he conducted numerous tests to control infrared light in order to produce unique fantasy-like images for his work.

IR Cut filter off function:Digital cameras are normally equipped with the capability of turning off the IR (infrared) Cut filter. The VARICAM LT, one of Panasonic’s digital cinema cameras, allows you to do this manually, and the AU-EVA1 provides this option with the touch of a button. The IR Cut filter’s on/off button has made it possible to switch over easily to specialized IR filming.

This is how “IR Cinematography”, a new shooting method, came to be.