ARRI Orbiter A lighting system for a new era!


ARRI Orbiter Product Manager An interview with Nancy LIU(刘思南)

ARRI announced the next-generation LED fixture Orbiter in September earlier this year.
The ultra-bright LED lighting system comes with various optical systems: open face, projection, dome, or light bank. The system can be used not only on motion picture and television production sets, but also in the theater and during live events, as well as for still photography shoots. Its appeal is that it is flexible enough to be used in various situations.


What’s in a name?
As you can tell from the name “SkyPanel”, the concept behind our product is that it is associated with the sky and space.
There are no limits to the sky.
We are living in an era where we can go into space. Our possibilities and the creative possibilities open to our users are limitless.


Various optical systemsissue013_feature02_body006
Orbiter uses our latest technology.
An important feature is the changeable optics.
With this system, you can alternate between hard light and soft light in an instant.
With various optical systems, the open face optics make use of the M series HMI lamphead, allowing you to choose from three angles: 15°, 30°, and 60°. The projection optics, also known as profile, contain a zoom lens, allowing for fixed beam angles of 15°, 25°, and 35°.
The dome optics are fabric spheres made by ARRI’s supplier DoPchoice.
The adapter also creates a mounting point for the light bank of DoPchoice’s.
The light bank comes in the standard size as well as the octopus size.
There are plans for more accessories in the future; the possibilities are endless.


Color Sensor
issue013_feature02_body004The foundation of these various optical systems is the improved ARRI Spectra.
There has been a major change in the color gamut.
You may be familiar with the full-color, 4-color RGBW light engine, but with the Orbiter you have a 6-color LED light engine.
In addition to red, green, and blue, there is now amber, lime, and cyan.
This 6-color LED can cover 90% of the Rec.2020 color gamut.The ARRI Spectra can achieve high-level color rendering, and the CRI and TLCI are both over 95.


Compatible with various accessories
Orbiter has a removable control panel that can be used handheld with a 5 or 15m cable.
There are various connectors: SD card, 2 USB ports (1.5 Amp USB-C, 1.5 Amp, 0.5 Amp USB-A), DMX IN/OUT, and Ethernet IN/OUT.
It’s possible to connect the AC power directly, and there is a connector for a 48V battery.

Sensor with high functionality
Of the internal sensors, the color sensor is the most important. One characteristic of Orbiter is that the new Color Sensor Mode can read the ambient color surrounding the fixture accurately.
Because of this, it can now reproduce color with great accuracy.
The internal accelerometer and magnetometer can sense the pan, tilt, and roll of the fixture, and can find true north like a compass.
It’s possible to record metadata when hooked up to ARRI’s cameras, and can be used as a data platform for both cameras and lighting.
This will be useful particularly in post-production. These features are made possible thanks to the latest software LiOS (Lighting Operating System), and there are many more features in the works.


ARRI  Orbiter