ARRI The Next 100 Years-02

- Interview: CEO Dr. Jörg POHLMAN -

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– 2017 is ARRI’s 100th anniversary and a celebratory year for you.

Jörg: We are so happy and proud to be celebrating our 100th year. I don’t think there are that many companies that have been in existence this long. ARRI was founded on September 12, 1917 in Munich, by two young men – teenagers. They were enthusiastic about film and technology, began working on cameras and lighting, and started up a rental business. The company’s direction had already been decided at this point. They were also involved in post production. We have come a long way 100 years later in becoming a strong company, and we are also having our best year. For us, the number ‘2017’ has a very powerful meaning.

– What do you feel has made ARRI the industry leader in the fields of cameras and lighting?

Jörg: The main reasons are that the two founders began in partnership with the film industry and their passion for cameras as well as their desire to support creators, which since the inception of this company has been passed down through the company’s DNA. We have always tried to stay very close to the industry, and we are involved as a service provider with our rental business, and we have also put a lot of effort into our post production services. We are constantly striving to adjust to the changes in movies and television, and we understand the workflow – I think this is the secret of our success – we work closely with the professionals in the industry whether it’s the camera operators, the directors, or the gaffers. We understand the way business is conducted in this industry on a daily basis.

– What are ARRI’s goals in this expanding Asian market?

Jörg: We are really happy about our expansion into Asia. We opened our Hong Kong office as part of our new ARRI Asia Headquarters. We are committed to the Asian market and are optimistic about the developments here. What’s interesting is if we look at the 100-year history of ARRI, the first 50 years of our history were mostly in Germany and Europe, but after winning our first Academy Award in 1966, the next 50 years were dominated by the American market. Now 50 years later, in 2017, the demand from the China market has surpassed America’s. You can feel things shifting. It could very well be that the next 50 years will signal the dominance of the Asian market. It’s a really interesting time. In that way, we are very optimistic about our expansion into Asia.

– Do you have concrete ideas for upcoming products and new technologies?

Jörg: I wish I could say more in detail, but of course we have to be silent. Because that’s a competitive issue (laughs). What I can tell you is that we are committed to the camera systems idea and we added some interesting products to our overall portfolio. In China, where they already have BIRTV, we have introduced an ND filter, and at the IBC we introduced the stabilized remote head. We received very positive feedback on it. We are working on expanding that ‘third element’ for our cameras.