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Daily Flavored Rice Bento

issue013_column07_body007This cozy bento restaurant, a five-minute walk from Sakaisuji-Honmachi, is known for its daily steamed rice special. The health-conscious menu lists “healthy grain and bean rice”, which includes 16 varieties of grain: brown mochi rice with tsurunoko beans from Hokkaido, red mochi rice, barley, sprouted brown rice, adlay millet, green soy beans, black beans, Japanese millet, and other small beans.
The accompanying dishes are exquisite as well, and today’s specials were tempura goya curry, boiled daikon radish, and bean sprout bifun noodles.
The portions are small and the price is therefore reasonable at 530yen, including tax (prices vary slightly depending on the dish).
The portions are only one reason the restaurant is very popular with its female patrons.
Hours of operation are 11:00-19:00 or until everything is sold out.
(The restaurant is closed on weekends and holidays, reservations are accepted between 8:00-11:00am, and closed during 13:00-15:00).
Consult the website for the daily menu.

Shikishiki Daily Flavored Rice Bento

Osaka Tonteki
Tonteki Bento


The birthplace of “tonteki” = thick-sliced pork steak is in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.
The founder loved it so much he opened up his own restaurant in Osaka in 1963. It is now a long-time favorite among Osaka locals.
The restaurant offers a take-out menu.
The thick cuts of pork shoulder are sliced in the shape of a glove, seared with butter and garlic, and served with a special sauce flavored with Worcestershire sauce. issue013_column07_body005
Miso soup is not included in the takeout menu, and is 50yen cheaper than eating in. There are three locations in the Osaka Station area, as well as in Tenjinbashi and Nishi-nakajima, for a total of 5 locations.
They offer a 200g tonteki bento, but for those members of the film crew who have a hearty appetite, the 500g mega-tonteki bento is a definite draw. Pork hamburger, pork burger bento, and a tonteki-pork burger combo bento rounds out the me

Osaka Tonteki