Bento Kawano (Tokyo – Higashi Shinbashi)



Founded in 1980 and located in the city center, within walking distance of Shinbashi Station in an area known as “Little Italy”, every dish at this reasonably priced bento restaurant is 550yen (including tax!).
Of the 750 lunches served every day, 300 have been ordered and reserved in advance.


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They are prepared by hand, ingredients carefully selected, with generous portions.
The “nuki-nuki set meal” is a healthy option without (“nuki”) anything fried, but includes an entire grilled fish that is sure to fill you up.
Every meal comes with the option of white or brown rice. For an additional 100yen, you can fill up on the “soup of the day”. Check out the blog to see the daily special bento.


Shinsekai Grill Bon (Tokyo – Ginza)



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The original location closed in 1961, but the western-style grill located in Osaka Ebisucho serves the most popular item on the menu: their beef filet cutlet sandwich.
Both the Tokyo Ginza and Osaka Dojima locations specialize in beef filet cutlet sandwich, focusing on delivery and takeout.

You can eat the deep-fried beef filet cutlet sandwich at the shop, but the delivery version, cooked slightly medium rare, is tender and tastes delicious even when cold.
The toasted bread is larger than your normal sandwich bread, and the sauce is a special homemade recipe.
The beef filet cutlet is breaded with the cut-off crusts of the sandwich bread, and the flavors are simple yet refined.
Two sandwiches are cut into thirds for one serving (6 slices), priced at 2200yen. A half-serving, which is one sandwich (4 slices) costs 1100yen.