- Fukumameya Nori nori Bento/Shizuoka Bento Grilled Bento -

Japan’s unique food culture! Japan’s gastronomic delights are taking the world by storm, and the bento is the king of Japanese cuisine.
There’s the on-set bento – a must-have when you’re on location in Japan!
We visited all the regions of Japan to scout the best of the best.

Fukumameya Nori nori Bento

Introducing the “Nori nori-ben”, which has already been hailed by the Japanese media as the best nori-bento you can get in Japan. It is sold at JR Koriyama Station. The nori seaweed, the star of the bento, is special ocean seaweed from Michinoku. The flavorful nori is accompanied by bonito flakes steeped in soba sauce and kelp boiled in soy sauce atop a bed of delicious rice, making for a harmonious and exquisite combination of flavors. The accompanying dishes are among the Japanese classics: broiled salmon, egg omelet, and boiled ebi-potato with pickled radish. Simple yet prepared with great care. These quintessential Japanese bento lunches are sure to sell out by mid-morning every day.
Location / Fukushima, Japan
TEL / 024-943-0528
※Sale at the stand of the plat-home in JR Koriyama Sta.

Shizuoka Bento Grilled Bento

Located in the entertainment district of Shizuoka, the famous “Grilled Bento” of Ryogaecho is made with a sauce whose secret recipe has been passed down through the generations and closely guarded for over 40 years. A master chef carefully prepares and grills sliced pork or beef before placing a generous serving of the meat over a bed of rice. Happily they are open year-round (excepting the New Year holiday season) every day from 10:00am until 3:00am! Thanks to customers who stop by after an evening of drinking, there are people lining up for these bentos well past midnight. Other delicious dishes include shredded cabbage with a secret sauce and the ever-elusive pork cutlet sandwich that disappears within 10 minutes of the shop’s opening.
Location / Shizuoka, Japan
TEL / 054-252-6027
Email order /
Open / 10:00 ~ 3:00 (midnight)