Light & Magic

- #5 Beautiful rays of light -

Takahiro TSUSHIMA〈Artist 〉



Because I didn’t see the rays of light in my naked eyes in fact,
it might not be a right way to say “it was beautiful.”
Turing my camera to the sun light, which was coming through the trees,
decreasing the exposure, and closing the aperture were the conditioned response.
This is because it was a good way to capture this scenery beautifully,
according to the environment and my past experience.

Technically, I captured it I imagined.
However, the result was a slightly different.
I happened to trace and the rays of light on a back screen.
And I turned my camera to the scenery and looking into the lens again.
“10 rays” of the light sounded unique for me.

How does it captured? How does it portray?
Imagination is also kept changing.
If you see the world more beautiful, the world looks more beautiful.

Takahiro TSUSHIMA 〈 Artist 〉

Camera: Canon EOS R
Lens: Canon RF50mm F1.2 L USM
ISO 250
Shutter Speed: 1/60
Aperture: f8.0
Location: Minami Osawa, Japan